Adoption fees range from $30-$50/pair. Fees will be based on color, coat type, and show quality potential.

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UPDATE September 19, 2020)-

We have received an overwhelming number of requests for gerbils. The current wait time for a pair of pups is approximately 6-8 weeks.


If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please fill out the contact form below, and state your preferences (gender, color) if any. I will try my best to fulfill your request. You will be contacted in the order your request was received to choose your gerbils as they become available. 

You may request to be removed from the waiting list at any time, for any reason. Just let us know!


Questions are always welcome! But **Please do not ask me to reserve or provide information on pups that are not weaned. I cannot guarantee the color, gender, or availability of any animals until they are of age**

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding! We are excited that gerbils are so popular, and look forward to providing you with beautiful, healthy, hand-tamed animals!

We are unable to ship or deliver gerbils at this time.
Please be prepared to make arrangements for pickup. We are located in Northwest San Antonio.
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Last Updated September 19, 2020

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